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Coral Beach Road residents invite you to join us for happy hour every Friday night at 7PM where we bang pots, play instruments and enjoy the company of our neighbours while we salute the essential workers during these COVID-19 times.


June 27, 2020

The Carrs Landing Community Association and the Friends of Gable Beach got together to clean up Gable Beach North


A group of Carr's Landing residents got together Saturday morning to clean up the beach area at Gable Beach North; 32 bags of weeds and a stack of branches were removed from the site.


A special thanks to everyone that participated and helped to enhance the beauty of Gable Beach North.  See pictures from the project below.

IF THE LEAVES/NEEDLES ON YOUR PROPERTY EXCEED THE CAPACITY OF YOUR GREEN BIN visit the Lake Country Municipal offices to pick up some yard waste bags 


Homeowners are encouraged to spend a few hours in their yards raking and bagging leaves that could contribute to wildfire spread when fire danger climbs in the summer months. See your
FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual (attached)  for more information on preventative steps you can take on your property. Clearing leafy debris from gutters, roofs and in the 1.5M zone around your home can go a long way to help your community be more resilient to forest fire. And many hands make light work!


June 12, 2019

During a District of Lake Country Council meeting held in March of 2018, a Council Motion was passed to reach out to Carr’s Landing residents to help identify and enable Council to better understand waterfront access issues and priorities in Carr’s Landing.  Subsequently, the District, working with the Carr’s Landing Community & Recreation Association, held a public workshop on May 24, 2018 at the Carr’s Landing Firehall. 

At the direction of Lake Country staff, the May 2018 workshop data is now being refined into a more specific set of improvements and prioritized for submission to the 2020 District budget process.  To carry this out, the Carr’s Landing Working Group on Waterfront and Recreation is working to engage and obtain input from Carr’s Landing residents and the broader community.  

The Working Group is comprised of six Carr’s Landing volunteers, who have met on two occasions at a private residence in Carr’s Landing.  The group’s third meeting is scheduled for June 17.  The Group is developing a community survey that will made available to Lake Country residents this Summer. Findings from the survey will be presented to Council in September 2019.  

Any person or group wanting more information on this initiative, is invited to contact any of the following Working Group members:

Kevin Bowles        Commodore, Lake Country Sail & Paddle Club 
Julie Halfnights 
Marie Molloy 
Doug Worbets



Let's Work Together

We can’t control or predict when a wildfire will start, but we can control how we prepare ourselves and our community using the FireSmart principles.


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