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November 1, 2020

The DLC are looking at invasive species in parks and public spaces and are doing targeted removal.  They have been working with Ecoscapes as environmental consultants.  They were  down at Gable Beach North on October 26 and 27th to start a phased removal of the Tree of Heaven which has invaded the area.

This is going to include:

  • Removal of the large Tree(s) of Heaven which are on the first section of Gable Beach North

  • Removal of the dead tree by the portable washroom

  • Specific application of herbicide to Tree of Heaven stumps (applied with a paintbrush, not sprayed)

The other dead trees will remain standing as wildlife habitat, and likewise the fallen branches/old brush behind the washrooms have been identified by Ecoscapes as wildlife habitat/shelter.

In the spring, work will continue to remove the Tree of Heaven suckers which are developing across the beach – it may be multiple year program to get them all out.

The presence of Tree of Heaven (and other invasive species) is widespread and not just confined to parks and public spaces, but to try and tackle all of it, all at once, would be a full time job for the Parks team. 

One of the objectives of the new bylaw for tree/natural environment management which is on Council’s Strategic Priorities list, is to encourage and support the removal of invasive species on private land, especially where there are large areas of disturbed soil from development. This hopefully will enable us to limit further ingress of invasive species in to the community as we start to make inroads into removing what we have already.

Any questions, please Cara Reed.



October 31, 2020

The following is an update from your Councillor Cara Reed.

The gravel was placed down most of the trail yesterday as I am hearing concern about the trail width.

Work is still continuing on the trail, and below is an update from the District Team

  • Subsequent to rough prep and material placement, the Contractor will perform clean up and finishing work along the trail to clean up the edges by pulling gravel back to the 1.8 metre extents and then placing topsoil along the gravel edge. This will allow revegetation and further softening of the edges over time.

  • The trail, when done a year or two from now, will look like the trail at Okanagan Centre.

There is more information on the trail construction on the DLC website (link below), including information on management of the culverts/gully at the Coral Beach Road end.


Carrs Landing Trick or Treat Evening (4)


October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween!


The Carrs Landing Community and Recreation Association would like to invite you to participate in the Carrs Landing (Physically - Distanced, Socially-Connected) Trick or Treat Evening! 



For households who would like to provide treats please:


  • Send us your address 

  • We suggest a carved, lit pumpkin at the end of your driveway to indicate your participation 

  • The event will run from 6-8pm 

  • Outdoor decorations and/or costumes are also encouraged 

  • Please have the treats available (no handing out) at a safe physical distance (ie: end of driveway or a minimum of 2 meters from door)

  • Prizes for best carved pumpkin!

For families who have children/grandchildren in the area who would like to Trick or Treat, please:


  • Send us the number of children participating 

  • We will advise you of the route and addresses of homes participating

  • The event will run from 6-8pm

  • Please do not gather or crowd in smaller areas such as Coral Beach or Wiskey Cove

  • Be safe and either walk with your children or drive them from house to house when necessary. Pull over onto the side of the road and put your hazard lights on


Let’s keep our kids (and grandkids) safe in Carrs Landing and keep the community bond strong. 

Wendy Malmkvist


Lake Country, BC




January 20, 2021

Council gave approval within the 2020 budget for trail improvements connecting Maki Road with Coral Beach Road. Work began in May with surveying to stake out the project boundaries and construction will likely begin in late fall.


The project involves the improvement of this important community trail from a nature trail standard to a narrow multi-use standard, creating a more accessible route for residents looking to walk or bike to neighbours’ homes and nearby parks. The proposed route follows an existing right of way connection and is approximately 200m long.


In 2019, a community survey was undertaken by the Carr’s Landing Community & Recreation Association regarding waterfront access and recreation. Improvements to this well-used trail were identified as a high priority for neighbourhood residents.


The trail will be closed for construction beginning the week of October 13th to the end of November.

Additional information can be found on the district website at the following link - MAKI ROAD TO CORAL BEACH ROAD

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