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2022/ 2023 Directors

Chair              Julie Halfnights  

Vice Chair         Wendy Malmkvist
Past Chair       Doug Worbets 
Secretary        Lori Hupfer
Treasurer         Anthea Horne
Membership   Open

Fundraising     Open   
Communications  Wendy Malmkvist
Parks & Recreation   Julie Halfnights


Directors at Large 

Berry Van De Snepcheut


Membership is open to anyone within the Carr's Landing neighbourhood who meets the following criteria:

  1. the person has reached the full age of 18 years; and

  2. the person has been a resident or property owner in Carr's Landing for a minimum of three months prior to seeking membership.

Individual membership are $10.00 or $20 per family per year.

To purchase a membership, click on the link below:

Individual $10

Family $20


Why Join?
● We work with residents and local government to preserve and enhance Carr’s
Landing amenities. If you live or own property in Carr’s Landing, we represent
● Newsletters and emails provide up to date information you may not otherwise
receive. Items include notice of re-zonings, local upgrades, water quality and
flood protection, neighbourhood and beach clean-ups, community concerns
and socials.
● Provision and maintenance of neighbourhood bulletin boards.
● Information meetings and community forums. Presentations have included
fire safety in rural areas, RCMP home safety and security: forums have
addressed public waterfront access and recreation priorities
● Information gathering on top recreation needs and area concerns. Results
presented to Council.
● We lobby for area residents. Examples include Eastside Utilities, 2020 budget
presentation, successful request for Maki–Coral Beach trail upgrade.
● Fundraising allows us to pay for recreation priorities in Carr’s landing.


Who are we?
● The Association is a registered not for profit, led by volunteers. Members
must have a Carr’s Landing address and be 19 years of age in order to vote;
non-voting memberships allow information updates. If you want to assist us
on the Executive, we have room for new Directors. You can buy a membership

anytime but must be a member in order to participate in the Annual General

● We meet at the Carr’s Landing Firehall on Commonage Road on the first
Wednesday of most months. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, please email


The meetings will be held in person but also continued to be to be attended via Google Meet. Watch for the meeting information in your inbox prior to the meeting date. 


Wednesday, September 13th @ 7pm



If you signed up to be on the distribution list, please check your junk mail to avoid missing out on upcoming meetings and events. to be added to the list. 

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