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Safer Trails for Carr's Landing

Thanks to recent improvements, Carr’s Landing’s Maki to Coral Beach Road trail now has handrails in steeper slope areas making it safer and more user-friendly for persons of diverse ages and abilities especially during poor weather conditions. At the other end of Coral Beach Road, the North trail that leads to an off-leash pet-friendly beach, is replaced by a new pedestrian entry with more gradual slopes, steady footing and handrails which also improve accessibility and safety. The custom handrails were made by Chris McCormack from the District’s Parks Depment and feature a lower rail designed especially for use by children.

Lake Country Mayor James Baker encourages citizens to take advantage of available community engagement project grants:

“This is an excellent example of how a group of involved citizens can partner with the District, apply for a community engagement grant, and make something happen for the benefit of the broader community. The grant-in-aid policy was updated this year and any neighbourhood association, volunteer group, or interested group of Lake Country citizens can apply for funding, provide their own fundraising and in-kind sweat equity to advance projects that are near and dear to the heart. For example, for a number of years, the Lakes Community Association has partnered with the District to improve Shoreline Park with playground amenities and landscaping. Council, at its discretion, can allocate grant funds to groups or organizations that Council considers enhance or contribute to the projects, residents or facilities of Lake Country.”

Marie Molloy is a long-time resident of Carr’s Landing and chairperson of the District of Lake Country Access & Age-friendly Committee. In Molloy’s words,

“Not only have improvements been made to these public trails, the project partnerships formed between several community organizations with support from the District Parks team, made this initiative financially and practically possible to achieve within a relatively short period of time. Carr’s Landing Community & Recreation Association and Walk Around Lake Country each contributed $1,000 towards the project along with community grants awarded by the District.”

Walk Around Lake Country (WALC) president Dev Fraser comments.

“WALC is pleased to collaborate in helping improve safe connections within our community."

Halfnights and Doug Worbets who co-chair the Carr’s Landing Community & Recreation Association say,

“Improvements to both the Maki Road to Coral Beach Road and the Coral Beach North trails were strong priorities when we surveyed the public in 2019. We are thrilled at upgrades to both trails, providing much better accessibility for all pedestrians and those on bicycles. User’s report increased, safer usage over the past summer.”

Carr’s Landing Councillor Cara Reed immediately championed the handrail project idea when introducing it to District staff and council members. Reed remarks,

"When bringing new amenities to our communities, this project eloquently demonstrates the value of working closely with local residents and groups who are passionate about living in Lake Country. With input from Marie Molloy, along with feedback from residents, it became clear that although the new trail between Coral Beach and Maki Roads was very much a welcome improvement, it still presented challenges, especially during the winter. Thanks to the combined forces of WALC, the District and the CLC&RA, Carr's Landing now has a beautifully constructed handrail on a key section of the trail that improves overall safety and enables access for a greater number of users. The District Parks team transferred that learning directly into the design and construction of the new public access to the delightfully dog-friendly Coral Beach North trail."

Carr’s Landing resident Kerri Black reflects on the project,

“I’m so proud Carr's Landing residents stepped forward and stressed the importance of safety and inclusivity in our community. I'm also very happy the District of Lake Country installed the handrails in such a timely fashion. Working together we can make magic happen!"

Written by Marie Molloy

Additional information may be obtained from the District of Lake Country.


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